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Hello you all, and welcome to my personal website.

BMF stands for Borja Moreno Fernández, my full name, and I tend to use it as nickname/screenname on the Internet.
Various attempts have been made in order to guess the meaning of the acronym, and I'm solving the mystery now. =P

I'm 19, and live in Spain. In Sevilla, to be precise, a big (a bit over 700.000 inhabitants) city by the South. It's a sunny place. =)

I'm a student, currently working on my degree in 'Computer Science', which takes (technically) 5 years to complete. Most people use a few more years, though. ^_^ They have a nice site.

So yeah, I like computers, and more specifically I like programming. If we were to get very specific, I love game programming.
Browsing this site you should be able to see some of my creations, and you may even find some of them worth a look.

I'm also a member of the TimeScratchers demogroup, of the game development team nivel21, and of the trigeekz (which is basically a group formed by minolo3ds, jacano and me to work on diverse, neat projects =P).

Thanks for visiting my little place, try not to break anything. =)


Jun/15/2008 - Updated mostly everything, take a look around!

Jun/12/2008 - Pointed out my blog.

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